The action taken by FDA here and in Canada over the sale of MMS based on consumer’s negative reports proves that the US and Canada government takes to the safety of its consumers. It also proves that no amount of product mislabeling or deception can triumph as long as FDA is on guard. Strong indications that consumer safety is primary in a nation made up of over 13 million population. Healthy Living & Exercise will Serve you Well...Significant or not, it tempers the talk about squabbles over the budget, the continued effort to settle the value of the dollar and the steady number of unemployed.


MMS regroups, readies act

What can MMS’ Humble point of action now? The name change was an initial move for lesser liabilities- from supplement to solution. The action was put against MMS when it was solution, is it predictable that it becomes Chlorine Drops as one analyst proposes? This would not retain the inadequate quality it was found in. The nearest name change it can go for is the previously proposed Chlorine dioxide MMS Drops so it can continue to sell. Now consumers will think of it more as a water purifier than a supplement. If that happens, consumers may have second thoughts buying a water solution with the name price of MMS.

Looking at the “Sisters’ Act”

The cause that can be an offshoot of this action is, why FDA doesn’t look at compounds being used commercially in the preparation of food sold in the market. They have compounds as toxic as the famous bleach solution used in MMS:

  • fruits like oranges, apples squash, plums, nectarine and countless names can follow which are waxed and fertilizer grown
  • vegetable normally eaten raw like cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, Better Living with Wise Decisions...parsley, with traces of toxic compounds from fertilizes while planted
  • the famous fast food use of unbleached flour based bread
  • the hormones and anti-biotic use in livestock and poultry growing
  • chlorine (same quality as MMMS) treated water supply


The point is, there is no steadfast rule in the elimination of one cause of harm when out there, and there are products that contain similar toxicity in same scale of harm. What was wrong in the packaging of the product is, while it claims the cure depends on the number of drops, it lost its guard against the percentage a lot of people in the know will start suspecting. The argument on the use of chemicals in the sale of goods that have wax and chemicals is, there is very minimal compound put in the process.

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