How often have you heard the saying that an apple away keeps the doctor away? Pretty often I’m sure. There may be a Chlorine Dioxide Molecule..bit of truth to that since apples are a healthy source of vitamins and full of the nutrients your body needs. What this does is promotes that concept that natural is necessary. This is exactly what miracle mineral supplements deliver, a natural approach to Jim Humble & MMS…many health issues of the body. One of the most common ailments of the body but is one of a more serious nature is the ailing heart.

There must be something great about the miracle mineral supplement if it works to fight against or heal cardiovascular issues. MMS Jim humble is an interesting but potent product that can assist many of us out there with a number of different ailments. It is also wise to have a look at how the chlorine dioxide molecule works in real life here That’s somewhat of an understatement to say the least. This supplement takes a natural approach to foreign occurrences of the cardiovascular system that cause it to experience not so healthy circumstances.

Chlorine Molecule in Action...It is an interesting thing about the CDS Solution because it has been around for quite some time in a different guise, but really it has been used in our drinking water supplies in the form of chlorine dioxide, as it has been a proven pathogen killer time & time again. The reason chlorine dioxide works so well is because it has the unique ability to strip electrons from pathogenic stressors. Whether it be bacterial, viral or even fungal, it is well worth noting that there really is not much out there that can withstand the onslaught of this amazing chemical. The heart is a very serious organ of the body. That’s not to say that others aren’t because they all have a responsibility.

However, the heart is the central organ that can perform below standard if negative conditions surrounding it remain untreated. Miracle mineral supplements allow a natural approach to be taken in the attempt to heal the heart of any conditions that may cause it to perform below requirements. Research into various areas of conditions of the cardiovascular system has shown dramatic The Chlorine Dioxide Molecule…improvement and healing when treated with miracle mineral supplements. There are primary functions of the heart that can be greatly influenced or rehabilitated with the use of these supplements. It is completely expected that this method will become a staple of treatment for many different conditions of the heart. The role of MMS & complementary medicine are becoming more & more intimate all of the time.

Never take a condition of the heart lightly but always consider alternative approaches such as those offered by miracle mineral supplements. These supplements shed light on the possibilities of natural healing for the organs of the body and help to establish long term healing. Many of the patients that choose to seek a natural cure such as this supplement have reported splendid results. MMS & Jim Humble

Best Ways in Which to Use MMS

MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplement is a chemical oxidizer with the ability to move in water and kill disease-causing pathogens without harming anything else. MMS also is capable of destroying metal and poisons found in water. It is able to do this due to its weak oxidization properties. MMS is activated with Citric Acid making it a potent destroyer of pathogens.
The Miracle Mineral Supplement was discovered by Jim Humble during one of his exploration trips. He discovered that chlorine Dioxide, when administered to malaria patients, showed signs of recovery. Since then, he has worked on improving its effectiveness. While the supplement was initially used for the treatment of malaria, it is now being used to treat many other conditions.

1. Malaria Treatment
The first time MMS was used for this purpose was when its inventor Jim Humble administered it to people with strong malaria when he was out in the field to mine gold. Many people were dying before then but those who had the chance of using the miracle supplement still live up to today.
When administering MMS for malaria treatment, the recommended dose for adults is 15 drops. Usually, the MMS should be activated using five drops of citric acid for every drop of MMS. Once the citric acid has been poured to the MMS, the mixture should be allowed to stand for three minutes and then added to a half-full glass of water or juice. This solution should be consumed immediately. After on hour, another dosage of the same amount should be taken.

2. Treatment of Cancer
The Miracle Mineral Supplement used for cancer treatment is known as the protocol 2000. This protocol is also used for the treatment of other conditions that are threatening to human life. When using MMS for cancer, one should take as many drops of the activated form each hour. If the supplement doesn’t cause any negative effects like diarrhea or feeling worse, you must continue taking the supplement for 10 hours a day for the next three weeks or until you feel better. It is advisable, however, that you start with one drop an hour and gradually build up to as many drops as your body can take only if you don’t feel worse.


3. Treatment of Flu and Colds
Miracle Mineral Solution is an agent that is capable of killing and attacking all germs and viruses causing flu. It works on all types and strain of flu virus without leaving any out. Unlike the antibiotics and vaccines, the activated form of MMS will act on all strains and variants of flu viruses.


The MMS protocol used in this case is Protocol 1000. The treatment is administered by taking three drops of activated Miracle Mineral Solution each hour for eight hours, for three consecutive weeks. But due to the fact that not many people can handle this dosage, it is recommended that one starts with only two or one drop every hour depending on how sick you are. If you are quite sick, it is recommended that you start with one drop every hour or even a half drop an hour but increase the dosage if you feel that your body can take the extra dose.